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Salvation Lost E-Book


We say we believe…but what is it you believe in. Christ told us what to believe and…it’s much more than you think.

Today’s view of faith threatens your destiny…Salvation is Lost

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Salvation Lost explores historical views of salvation compared to today’s Modernistic view. We say we believe…but what is it you believe in? Christ told us what to believe, and…”believing” entails much more than you think.

Today’s view of faith threatens your eternal destiny…

Salvation…is Lost


Sheila has her own code of ethics. ” I believe in God. I’m not a religious fanatic. I can’t remember the last time I went to church. My faith has carried me a long way. It’s Sheila-ism. Just my own little voice … It’s just try to love yourself and be gentle with yourself. You know, I guess, take care of each other. I think he would want us to take care of each other.”           Excerpt “Habits of the Heart”

Sheila has created her own religion…a church of one! She has incorporated the modern ideas of Relativism, Modernism, Universalism. But, for the last 2000 years…her beliefs lead to “Salvation Lost!”  Find out why in this thought-provoking and ground-breaking book!


Keywords: Salvation, Baptism, Relativism, Modernism, Universalism, Sheila, Habits of the Heart, Catholic, Christianity, Judea, Early Church, Apostles, Jerusalem, Gospel, Missionary, New Covenant, Peter, Paul, Church History

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Patrick W. Conery is an author, speaker, and historian. He spent more than decade in leadership and discovery within the Evangelical church growth movement. As a social scientist, he spent more than thirty years studying the everchanging landscape of the

Contemporary Christian experience.





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