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The Chair of Peter E-Book

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Deep into the Torah, and all the way back to the household of Abraham…Jewish scholars have identified a long held office.

Discover what that means today!

The Chair Of Peter

Discover the Chair of Peter in Genesis and every book thereafter. Eliezer was Abrahams’s chief servant and he gathered other servants for his journey. He was commissioned to find a bride for Abrahams son, and for the mighty nation that followed.

The Lord said to David…”You shall feed my people Israel… And thou shalt be (chief officer, leader) over Israel.” (2Samuel 5) David made Covenant with Israel and was anointed to lead them. When God made a covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai, and Moses was ‘Servant of the Lord‘. This was the Chair of Moses. Later, it became the Chair of David.

In the same way…the Lord said to Simon Peter…”Feed My Lambs…Tend My Sheep…Feed My Sheep.” Like David, Peter was anointed as the chief servant of Christ’s bride. Now, it became the Chair of Peter. He became Eved Adonai…Servant of the Lord.  Christ built His house on the Rock as wise men do. Now, the office of Eved Adonai would continually lead His Church.  Discover the whole story today!

The Chair of Peter is a concise guide that takes on those tough questions about the office of the Papacy.  It provides biblically definitive answers to misunderstood views of the office of Eved Adonai or, “Servant of The Lord”. It also reveals the on going office of Eved Adonai. Or, The Chair of Moses and the Chair of Peter. So, the Chair of Peter is a large rock…or, the office of authority in the Church.

By the time you finish The Chair of Peter, you’ll have discovered beyond a doubt, there REALLY is an Office. Ordained. By. Christ. The office that we call…the Papacy.

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Patrick W. Conery is an author, speaker, and historian. He spent more than decade in leadership and discovery within the Evangelical church growth movement. As a social scientist, he spent more than thirty years studying the everchanging landscape of the Contemporary Christian experience.



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