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The Church That Emerged E-book


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Discover the Church as Christ founded it….it’s not what you think

Discover the Church that Emerged out of Judea.

A ragtag band of 12 was entrusted with the whole mission to give this Church to the world. Did they succeed? Let’s find out! Millions of Christians worldwide long for the return to the first Church. They yearn to walk with the Apostles…and to see things the way they did. Their spirit screams…Where is this First Church? And I was one of them.

So, I set out to hunt it! More than a decade in the making, “The Church that Emerged” is the result of hunting this elusive treasure.  And, looking for this first Church runs rampant within the Evangelical church growth movement. Let’s solve the riddle.

This book uncovers the early Church with it’s roots steeped in the Old. The Church is undeniably identifiable. You’ll see it clearly. Step by step, the Church comes into view. As each characteristic unfolds, we discover the fulness of the early Church. You’ll see it like the first century disciples saw it.

I discovered that the first Church was NOT a group of flip-floppin”, potlucking, sheepherding desert wanderers. And, you’ll discover it too. Christ spoke into a complex and structured society ….And, out of it, the once-delivered Church that emerged.

You’ll be amazed at what you see as the Church slowly comes into view! Wow, you just never knew. The Old Testament comes alive in an entirely new way. And, each chapter leads you down the path toward the Church the Emerged out out Judea led by a ragtag band of 12 as they set out to conquer the world…just as they were commissioned to do. You’ll also find that the Church that Emerged is still here today!

Keywords: Catholic, Christianity, Judea, Early Church, Apostles, Jerusalem, Gospel, Missionary, New Covenant, Peter, Paul, Papacy, Gentiles, Church History

Best Selling Author

Patrick W. Conery is an author, speaker, and historian. He spent more than decade in leadership and discovery within the Evangelical church growth movement. As a social scientist, he spent more than thirty years studying the everchanging landscape of the Contemporary Christian experience.





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