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both barrels: to hunt for the truth with all we've got
...then shout it loudly

We’re passionate about slicing through the rhetoric, turning down the volume on the debate,
and calming the storm.
Politics and Christianity are two of those hotly contested brawls.

Each of us would just as
soon run away throwing our arms up and many do. Go along to get along.
But, sometimes we can’t run from it fast enough.
and we get bitter or resentful.
We Help.

We provide clear, concise, and easy to use tools that help combat that anxiety.
In the quiet and safety of your home, you can use our topical media resources to
gain insight into the
who’s, why’s, what’s and where’s…

Latest Hot Takes

America is awakening every single day. Can You clearly see? We ARE at the precipice… We’ll keep you posted!

France is On Fire! It is estimated that 9 million people took to the streets yesterday. All are demanding to be heard by one man,

We are under attack! Things are blowing up everywhere…chickens are being slaughtered. Now a chocolate factory!

A detransitioning woman testifies about her horrifying journey at the hands of those who should know better!

Paul Harvey (1965)

Paul Harvey spoke this into the culture (1965). The enemy’s tactics never change! A must-watch

Commentary/ Opinion

Latest Videos

The Sin Of Eli  & The Vatican
By Both Barrels Media

Chat GPT agrees: We’re doing it wrong!
By Patrick Conery

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We've been accumulating a resource library for you to grow in knowledge. Great documentaries that help you cut through the clutter to find the missing piece.
They are just a click away.
Clear your mind, and find peace in discovering the...simple truth!
Check it out today...

We'll Help!

Spend time with us! We go back to the basics. 

We remove the bias. Simply, we uncover the unfiltered facts on topics that concern and frustrate  you. 

Calm is a Super Power

The TV is screaming at you. Life is  overwhelming at times. There is calm in the storm. There are calm seas.

We’ll help you cut to the chase and find the simple truth. let us help you.


Introducing Both Barrels Media

both barrels:    to hunt for the truth with all we’ve got… then shout it loudly

Live. Dream. Wear. Repeat.

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