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Elon Musk calls out ‘Never Never Land’

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“This is actually happening”-Elon Musk

The following is a great claim…

In a bold and outspoken move, visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk has directed a critical spotlight towards the enigmatic realm known as “Never Never Land.” With his characteristic candor and unyielding determination, Musk has publicly addressed the issues surrounding this elusive domain, shedding light on its opaque practices and challenging the status quo. Through his pointed remarks, Musk beckons society to confront the realities of “Never Never Land,” urging a reevaluation of its principles and policies. As one of the world’s most influential figures, Musk’s call-out resonates far and wide, igniting discussions and prompting reflection on the implications of existence within this mysterious realm.

But, Twitter being Twitter….Elon Musk just shared the following video on the evils of ‘Never Never Land’

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