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The tale of “ Life in ‘Never Never Land’” in a small dimly lit saloon. It was winter in a tourist town along the south shore of Lake Ontario. And it was mostly desolate. There was a small 7 stool bar in someone’s basement along the shore of one of the lakes inlets. It was open to the public and it was normally filled to standing room only every evening.

The conversation was robust and traversed the normal world of small talk. One night I shared the following story, made up on the fly, about big government. Back in the day, Samuel tried to warn the nation that installing a kingdom in place of God, would not be to their advantage. The king and his court would take the best things for themselves. Most didn’t care and they voted it in.

Today America has become “Life in Never Never Land” hence there is such a kingdom; both at the state level and federal level. I call them both ‘Never Never Land’. So, this is where my story began on the bar stool that night. How does ‘Never Never Land’ treat its peasants? And sadly, they only came to power by convincing 51% to agree to the arrangement.

Beneath the surface of its idyllic facade, “Life in Never Never Land’ harbored a dark secret. It was a place devoid of its own resources, relying instead on the bounty of the surrounding countryside to sustain its lavish lifestyle. While the inhabitants of ‘Never Never Land’ reveled in their opulence and extravagance, the people of the countryside toiled tirelessly to meet their demands, their labors exploited for the benefit of the ruling elite.

In ‘Never Never Land’, power and privilege reigned supreme, with the ruling class wielding their authority with impunity. They lived in grand palaces adorned with gold and jewels, while the common folk struggled to eke out a meager existence in the shadow of their opulent estates. The rulers of ‘Never Never Land’ cared little for the plight of their subjects, their only concern being the maintenance of their own wealth and status.

They ship the jobs from the countryside to far off lands for self-indulgent altruistic reasons. And the peasants migrate to ‘Never Never Land’ where they are easier to control. Once there, they live off the freebees that neither they, nor ‘Never Never Land’ produced. They will never reject the hand that feeds them. This forever insures that ‘Never Never Land’ will stay in power. And, so is “Life in “Never Never Land’

This leads to abandoned homes and rundown towns scattered around the countryside. They have lost their jobs, but ‘Never Never Land’ never suffers. In shanty towns they don’t paint their houses or keep their yards manicured. Mainstreet is dying and town coffers are empty. ‘Never Never Land’ to the rescue.

Johnny and Jimmy pay the consequences of the greed. They can’t find jobs, they’re gone. They fight with their wives until they’re gone too. They might get to see their kids sometime, but that’s up to ‘Never Never Land.’ They have social workers and job assistance. The rulers can afford it. They have oodles of money…for societal ills and alike.

Johnny has a drinking problem and maybe hit his wife. But that’s all in the past now. He sits on a stool at the end of the bar drowning in his whiskey. By the way, Johnny’s in counseling and anger management too. When will his life change? Church…Nah. You see that’s exactly why ‘Never Never Land’ is needed. This just how it goes…”Life in ‘Never Never Land‘!

Life in Never Never Land

In shanty towns they don’t paint their houses or keep their yards manicured. Mainstreet is dying and town coffers are empty. ‘Never Never Land’ to the rescue…  They have programs upon programs to help. Low interest mortgages and alike. We’ll get it spruced up in a hurry. Oh wait…those programs are underfunded. You’ll have to wait. They gave themselves raises, and somewhere a far-off land needs more help than you.

Then one day there came a band of rebels who rebelled against the rulers of ‘Never Never Land’. “Why don’t we keep our money?”, they thought. Enough is enough. Johnny didn’t need counselors after all. He didn’t need social services either. Few did. They needed their resources; they needed their money. Betty and Cindy, and Bert and Jack didn’t need ‘Never Never Land’ either. Could “Life in ‘Never Never Land’ actually change?

 Betty needed her house painted and she could then afford it. Others needed theirs painted too. So, Johnny started a painting company. Cindy and Jack needed yardwork, so it was Jimmy who came to the rescue. Main street was spruced up and they played ball at the park again on Saturday.

 Their cries for justice echoed across the land. And in a climactic battle, they stormed the Palace of Illusions, toppling the despotic regime and ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity. But, “Life in Never Never Land” came crashing down.

You see, ‘Never Never Land’ couldn’t maintain its lifestyle. They never really could. They had no resources of they’re own. And, the peasants and town scattered in the countryside never needed ‘Never Never Land’. It was the other way around. And the band played on!


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