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It’s Raining Mail-in Ballots

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Mail -in balloting has always led to cheating. It’s ripe for it! And everyone knows it. That’s why they fight for it. For some, it will never be about right and wrong. It won’t about justice, fairness or character.

They won’t look in the mirror or have an epiphany moment. You see, they have been mistreated… plain and simple.

They’re entitled. Something happened to them before. So, they’re just fighting back…but against a straw man…an invention They used to be called WASP’s an acronym for White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants.

Never Neverland created a proverbial ‘Ogre under the bridge’ for everyone to be frightened of. Be very, very afraid. So, they feel justified. This is about power. People readily turn over freedom for protection from the ogre not knowing what they are doing.
You can’t clean voter roles. You can’t ensure one vote from on registered legitimate voter. So, they are dumped everywhere…in the name of democracy. 

American infiltration!

 This is not democracy…this is something else. It is amazing how many are goig along with this. So yes, it’s always Kumbaya before the killing starts. Only time will tell… And the band played on.

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